Stream TV

When it comes to the best websites to stream TV shows and movies, it’s an evolving subject. Due to the legal issues surrounding this topic, the existence of sites that share content online is constantly in jeopardy (RIP MegaVideo). Usually, websites that host videos are more at risk than sites that simply share a directory of links to external websites that host videos. However, link directories for TV and movies are occasionally targeted by legal authorities as well (i.e. NinjaVideo).

Despite the ongoing legal battles, there are still numerous websites popping up that host videos and numerous websites are being created to share links to websites that host TV shows and movies online for free. Popular television shows are usually updated within one to three hours of airing on TV on the top websites. In addition, you can usually find a handcam version of blockbuster films within a day or two of it opening. Sometimes you’ll even find a DVD quality version online that has been leaked prior to its DVD release.

With more and more events being streamed live on the internet, it really seems that television as we know it is on its death bed. Considering that nearly one third of your time watching TV is spent watching commercials or flipping through channels, there are few advantages that TV truly offers (though there are some depending on your priorities).